Use Grommets To Organise Your Cables

cable grommet

Isn’t it a real mess when you see all the cables and wires snaking around your office desk and cluttering up the entire space? Knotted-up wires and cabling are usually a dust trap and also pose a potential threat in the form of a trip hazard to the user. The solution must be a neat wire and cable management system that is channeled through a cable grommet.

General description of a Cable Grommet

Cable grommets are devices that line a hole or perforation in the working desk, surface, counter or table and allow a bunch of wires and cables to pass smoothly through the hole without being tangled. They can be made up of wood, metal, rubber or plastic and generally come in different sizes. But most recommend opt for a non-conductor for safety purpose.

Plastic grommets are the most commonly purchased options. They come in different sizes, shapes and finishes. They are also available with a removable cap that you can use to cover up the grommet when the work surface is not being used. The other options available in the category of plastic are slot type which are required for paper-feed with printers, dough nut-shaped for managing wires below the tables, sliding floor-access type, flare tops, and oval tops for a chic look. Pop-up and wall-fitting types are required along the walls and skirting. A recent innovation among grommets is the laminate grommet, using which a user can match the laminate top with the work surface.

Metal grommets often come in brass, stainless steel and aluminium options that are suitable for high traffic cabling. Metal grommets are provided when the cables and wires are in constant move. They are available with a soft plastic inner liner which reduces friction. These two parts help to manage the cables and keeps the dust out of reach. A variety of texture and finishes are available in the category of metal grommets. You can select your type from high gloss to matte, satin polished, polished brass, chrome-plated and even antique finishes.

Wooden grommets are not as durable as the plastic or the metal options. They just provide a classy, expensive look to your working desk. They are generally available in custom options and the materials used are oak, maple and walnut wood.

While selecting a grommet, the factors that you need to take into consideration are your budget, need and of course, your style preferences. If you want a cable grommet in your working space, contact with the best grommet provider in your area.


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